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About Us

Mission Statement

"To provide affordable quality chiropractic & massage care in order for you to function better, even if that's only 1 visit because we are dedicated to providing our patients with expert and gentle care in a family friendly environment."

Conditions Commonly Treated:

Arthritis, Degenerative Disc, Bulging Disc, Fibromyalgia, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Headaches, Neck and Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Scoliosis, Sports Injuries, TMJ Dysfunction, Pain, Numbness, or Tingling Down the Arm or Leg, Whiplash and Home or Work Injuries.

Helpful Information:

Chiropractic care can benefit people of all ages (even pregnant women) and is relatively safe.

You are not required to see your Medical Doctor before you see a Chiropractor.

Chiropractic care is covered by most insurance plans. We also offer affordable cash time of service discounts. Our insurance department is willing to work with you to serve your needs.

An individual with a previous back surgery or other health conditions can see a Chiropractor but Chiropractors do not prescribe medications or perform surgeries.

Chiropractors can also treat conditions of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, and foot. The progression of arthritic changes can be slowed down with regular adjustments.

It is common to hear popping sounds during an adjustment which are normal and occurs as the gas is released between the joint as your structure is put back into alignment.

Dr. Jill and her Staff will listen to your concerns and come up with an individualized program for your particular condition and lifestyle.

Therapeutic Massage is preventative care for repetitive movements.

You can undress to your comfort level for a massage session
(typically down to your bottom brief).

Acupuncture sessions can help with pain control for arthritis, sprains, strains, acts as a cookbook approach to treat diseases, and also focuses on balancing the flow of energy or meridians throughout your body to relieve post-surgical pain for instance. If you treat the master points together, they will improve health, increase energy, increase mental acuity, balance the body’s hormones and generally decrease pain in the neck, back, and legs.